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English speaking course for beginners

English speaking course for beginners

This course is for you if you need to start from scratch of English speaking focusing on basic to advanced grammar, day to day conversation skills and English at social talks. This course gives importance on basic English grammar and helps to gain confidence to speak English in public. English for beginner course is carefully designed keeping in mind the struggle faced by individuals to create a mark in the work and social environment.

  • Functional grammar

Sentence construction, Parts of speech, Number and gender, Tense, Model verb, active voice and Passive voice, various types of infinitive sentence, Article, Preposition, Subject verb agreement, relative clauses, causative verb, co- relatives, Gerund and verbal noun, Various types of sentence constructions,

  • Various types of sentence constructions classes
  • Vocabulary building
  • Speaking practice through group/pair work, discussions
  • Voice and accent training.
  • Get rid of mother tongue influence
  • Personality development