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Personality Development Course

Personality Development Course

"BEAUTY ATTRACTS THE EYE BUT PERSONALITY CAPTURES THE HEART" Personality Development Programme enables an individual to improve oneself by improving the manner in which one can feel, think and behave. You have all the skills and academic knowledge to succeed in your career, but struggle changes how others see you, very lame and unimpressive. You lack confidence, assertiveness and have poor communication skills and body language. Now the real question is can you really overcome this barrier and develop your personality, yes you can. Our personality development course is carefully designed keeping in mind the struggle faced by individuals to create a mark in the work and social environment. Your overall transformation happens here. This personality development training would help you enhance your communication skills, characteristics, strengths and skills as an individual.

  • Functional Grammar

Sentence construction, Parts of speech, Number and gender, Tense, Model verb, various types of infinitive sentence, Article, Preposition, Subject verb agreement, causative verb, co- relatives, Gerund and verbal noun, Various types of sentence constructions.

  • Reading / Writing / Listening & Speaking in English
  • Applied grammar + usage
  • Killing nervousness & building confidence.
  • Body language & dress code
  • Managing attitude
  • Essential soft skills
  • Communication skills training
  • Steps to personal branding
  • Email & telephone etiquette
  • Presentation skills
  • Get rid of MTI